This guidebook belongs in every home. It’s a super collection of ole time wisdom that will certainly touch hearts and shape countless MINDS

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WHA MAMA USTO’ SEH! 365 Jamaican proverbs & their meanings”, is not your usual ‘run of the mill’ proverbs collection….it’s like no other…. This little book is packed with hidden secrets, good old fashion wisdom and the life-changing principles that HELPS women and men from all walks of life, succeed above and beyond their wildest-dreams and in every area of their LIVES!

Personal, professional and financial, they will do the same for “YOU & I”. IF We  LEARN & APPLY Them. This book is a memorabilia for you and your entire family, to relish, read, reread and pass along to your kids and grandkids, enjoy—and learn from -together for thousands of generation to come.

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