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About Marcia Malcolm

“It’s Impossible To Keep A GOOD Woman “POOR”…Jamaican Proverb  

“7 Sisters! 7 Different MINDSETS”! The only person that stops us from becoming “rich” is ourselves. There’s NOTHING mystical or magical or pioneering about going from barefoot poverty to multi-millionaire, that’s what NORMAL People DO! No sensible human being wants to be poor and struggling everyday. 

Like We Say In JAMAICA! “He Who FEELS It Knows It!!!People don’t get rich by accident. IF you’re ready to get down in the trenches and do what it takes to be rich! My Coaching Program Is For YOU! 

“IF You Wonder Why, “FEW” Women GET What They  WANT In LIFE”… My Coaching Program Is For YOU!”

The World Needs More Women With Courage To Be RICH & PROUD To Be RICH


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